30/06/2020 Researcher aims to find better way to treat deadly asbestos disease
30/06/2020 UWA partners with BHP and Rio Tinto to improve mining tailings management
26/06/2020 COVID-19 puts extra strain on wellbeing of Indigenous Australians
26/06/2020 Ground-breaking research uncovers genetic causes of rare diseases
26/06/2020 Roadmap to address dementia in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
26/06/2020 Shelling out for dinner - dolphins learn foraging skills from peers
25/06/2020 We need to adapt fast to erosion and rising sea levels to manage coastal risks
24/06/2020 Researchers awarded $1 million to advance COVID-19 projects
24/06/2020 Inexplicable cosmic event leaves astronomers puzzled
19/06/2020 First crop of agriculture students from Japan join UWA
18/06/2020 Top tips for doing your COVID-19 tax return
17/06/2020 Scientists discover unusual underwater rivers along Australia's coastline
17/06/2020 Female engineers share industry experiences online
17/06/2020 Mapping the genome could help in race to save native rat
16/06/2020 How your behaviour on social media could be limiting the quality of your news feeds
11/06/2020 Risk of preterm births falls under new initiative
10/06/2020 UWA Expert Series - Literature as a coping mechanism - waiting for the second wave
10/06/2020 UWA reaffirms commitment to international students from China
9/06/2020 UWA expertise to help shape future of Australian oceans
9/06/2020 UWA Expert Series - Funding boost for COVID-19 research to support WA health
9/06/2020 Graduates and staff recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours
9/06/2020 Mentor program to help Peel students learn about STEM careers
8/06/2020 UWA Expert Series - Protest at a safe distance to avoid superspreaders
8/06/2020 UWA researchers ask where should future Australians live
8/06/2020 UWA researchers to predict suicide risk with artificial intelligence
5/06/2020 Black lives matter. Aboriginal lives matter. Black deaths in custody must stop
5/06/2020 Clarifying statement of UWA's borrowings
4/06/2020 Australian drug chosen for global trial to treat COVID-19
4/06/2020 UWA launches online short courses to meet need for skills
4/06/2020 Why only half of Australians downloaded the COVIDSafe app
3/06/2020 2020 Impact Report confirms Perth Festival stimulates society on a grand scale
3/06/2020 UWA Expert Series - A few daily drops may have the potential to guard against COVID-19
3/06/2020 UWA Expert Series - Barry Marshall confident a COVID-19 vaccine will be developed
3/06/2020 Scholarship recipient sets her sights on increasing knowledge through science
2/06/2020 Awards and achivements - May 2020
1/06/2020 New data reveals significance of Perth super storm