29/05/2020 Medical students get support to train in mental health first aid
29/05/2020 Astronomers see ‘cosmic ring of fire’, 11 billion years ago
28/05/2020 Powerful and large cyclones place distant coral reefs at risk
28/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Crucial lessons from COVID-19 for Indigenous Australians
27/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Youth support critical to battle COVID-19-related employment challenges
27/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - New research prepares for COVID-19 vaccine roll-out
26/05/2020 International students vital
26/05/2020 Art needs funding and we need art
25/05/2020 Three UWA scientists named Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science
25/05/2020 Exercise physiology students use telehealth to help community
21/05/2020 Healthy coral reefs need fish mix to survive
21/05/2020 Three UWA projects receive $3.1 million in national research funding
21/05/2020 Early disk galaxy puts formation models in a spin
20/05/2020 UWA health and medical research receives $2.7 million funding boost
20/05/2020 Scholarship recipient determined to make a difference to dental health in rural areas
20/05/2020 Study shows how our experiences shape who we trust
18/05/2020 Two years on, Young Lives Matter says suicide prediction more important than ever
18/05/2020 New scholarship helps budding lawyer achieve career aspirations
15/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - New process uses multiple computer models to manage COVID-19 outbreaks
15/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Lessons from past pandemic wars
15/05/2020 UWA engineering researcher recognised by global industry body
14/05/2020 Biological markers under the microscope at new proteomics facility
14/05/2020 Study confirms common antidepressant doesn't work as stroke treatment
14/05/2020 Dark-shaded body surface the key to animals avoiding predators
13/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Why COVID-19 is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories
13/05/2020 Fearless campus leaders who stepped into the breach
13/05/2020 Renewable Energy Project’s autonomous vehicle wins federal funding
12/05/2020 Strange hollow ball-like structures found in 80-million-year-old fossils
12/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Curb frustration and stick to government advice to ease restrictions: UWA expert
12/05/2020 Older women more likely to conceive twins due to evolution
11/05/2020 Every Australian needs to keep a lid on social distancing backlash
8/05/2020 Incel terrorist attacks pose an increasing threat
7/05/2020 Pandemic pondering - 10 new ethical problems emerging from COVID-19
7/05/2020 Ocean gliders to examine impact of heatwave affecting northern Australia
7/05/2020 New guidelines highlight importance of managing high blood pressure
6/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Changes to COVID restrictions likely to trigger more anxiety
5/05/2020 Awards and Achievements - April 2020
5/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - World leading marine scientists Zoom in to help Year 12 students
1/05/2020 Car driver and cyclist interactions under the microscope
1/05/2020 UWA Expert Series - Medical schools ready to boost hospital capacity with new medical assistant roles
1/05/2020 Mobile grand piano entertains local Perth aged-care residents
1/05/2020 Study finds decline in heart attack and stroke in Type 2 diabetics