30/04/2020 UWA expert series - Boost in science literacy may have changed our heroes
30/04/2020 UWA Expert Series - DNA may hold the key to protecting populations from COVID-19
30/04/2020 UWA Expert Series - What it will take to get those who don't like vaccines to have a COVID-19 jab
30/04/2020 UWA farewells first female engineering graduate
30/04/2020 Researcher investigating leadership gains national attention
29/04/2020 UWA Expert Series - UWA joins expert taskforce to help government response to COVID-19
24/04/2020 UWA Expert Series - Study to look at how people adapt to social isolation during COVID-19
24/04/2020 UWA study reveals outer metropolitan cancer patients most out-of-pocket
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20/04/2020 UWA Expert Series - Ensuring global food security during COVID-19
19/04/2020 UWA will admit students on Year 11 results
17/04/2020 2020 Ciara Glennon Scholarship awarded
16/04/2020 UWA Expert Series - Researchers working together will provide best defence against COVID-19
16/04/2020 UWA researchers create new way to detect breast cancer more accurately
16/04/2020 UWA Zadko Telescope helps track ambitious space mission to Mercury
9/04/2020 COVID-19 provides new insights for contracts of the future
9/04/2020 Obesity linked to earlier need for knee replacements
9/04/2020 How will a $214 billion war on two fronts be paid for?
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7/04/2020 Keeping a healthy heart during COVID-19
7/04/2020 UWA graduate joins Australia’s front line medical team in Canberra
3/04/2020 Migrant women at risk of stillbirth during first two years in Australia
3/04/2020 UWA researchers to showcase their science findings live
3/04/2020 Autonomous robot could help in the search for signs of life in space
2/04/2020 New pathway aims to alleviate concerns of year 12 ATAR students
1/04/2020 Rough sleepers in Perth need accommodation to prevent COVID-19 taking hold
1/04/2020 Cooperative male dolphins match the tempo of each other's calls