31/10/2018 UWA placed 81st in the world in U.S. News Rankings
31/10/2018 Artificial intelligence bot trained to recognise galaxies
30/10/2018 Project to examine water quality impact on marine habitats
29/10/2018 UWA sports scientist named Young Tall Poppy of the Year
26/10/2018 Academy welcomes three UWA leaders as fellows
26/10/2018 Volunteers needed to collect plastic pellets from South Coast
24/10/2018 New partnership develops machine assisted geological modelling
23/10/2018 Report involving WA scientists holds the key to tackling climate change
23/10/2018 Life cycle of sulphur predicts location of valuable minerals
19/10/2018 Understanding enzyme could help produce frost-resistant crops
18/10/2018 UWA leads the way in global subject rankings
16/10/2018 Study compares mandatory vaccination across five countries
12/10/2018 UWA improves international student satisfaction rates
12/10/2018 UWA awarded $490,000 to research muscular dystrophy drug
11/10/2018 People affected by mental health at higher risk of poor dental outcomes
8/10/2018 Study finds migrant women are more at risk of stillbirth
8/10/2018 Old drug could have new use helping sick premature babies
5/10/2018 Stop teaching kids how to be happy : education expert
4/10/2018 UWA to join National Women’s Uni Sevens rugby competition
4/10/2018 UWA students assemble 2000 birthing kits to help women in developing countries
3/10/2018 Female guppy fish choose sperm from preferred males
2/10/2018 Awards and achievements - September 2018
2/10/2018 New Australian citizens welcomed at UWA
2/10/2018 Alarming increase in Indigenous suicide rates demands new ways of working
1/10/2018 Great Southern Reef to lose huge seaweed habitat to ocean warming