30/08/2018 UWA team wins Eureka prize
29/08/2018 UWA launches new centre for Australia-Africa research
28/08/2018 The league that helps men gain by losing weight
22/08/2018 Being too intelligent and easygoing may harm chances of finding love
21/08/2018 New collaboration to aid the development of drugs that treat cancer
21/08/2018 Scientists closer to developing next generation of super computers
21/08/2018 Unis deliver economic boost as well as skills
20/08/2018 Program to help Peel students succeed at university gets a boost
17/08/2018 Australian Family Association Event
16/08/2018 Professor David Blair inducted into the WA Science Hall of Fame
15/08/2018 Fifty per cent of cardiovascular patients suffer from multiple diseases
15/08/2018 UWA counted among top 100 in the world
14/08/2018 $6 million federal funding boost for medical research
14/08/2018 Report highlights $66.4 billion impact of universities
13/08/2018 New test could reduce preterm birth rate by 30 per cent
13/08/2018 Angry people might not be as smart as they think they are
10/08/2018 New study finds tattoos are more acceptable in the workplace
9/08/2018 Revolutionary new view of how living cells make energy
7/08/2018 Awards and Achievements – August 2018
6/08/2018 Software gift to boost students in earth sciences
3/08/2018 Australia and China team up to tackle stomach ulcer bug
2/08/2018 New WA attraction takes visitors on a walk through the solar system
2/08/2018 Ten UWA projects win national research funding
2/08/2018 Expanded fisheries impact 90 per cent of the entire ocean
2/08/2018 UWA maths prodigy wins international award
1/08/2018 Desert heritage in the spotlight in Karratha 6-10 August
1/08/2018 LactaPedia takes the guesswork out of breastfeeding