31/05/2016 Researcher wins Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Award funding
27/05/2016 Complex root tips could be the key to helping crops grow
25/05/2016 Plants are 'in touch' with the world around them
24/05/2016 Cannabis use linked to gene mutation
24/05/2016 Suburban Sexscapes book wins national planning award
23/05/2016 Ecological Society of America honours UWA ecologist
23/05/2016 New seed ‘flaming’ technique to help with minesite rehab
20/05/2016 UWA named top five employer for LGBTI inclusion
17/05/2016 Researchers test drive a new wave of supercomputers
17/05/2016 Kids with dogs or siblings more likely to be independent
17/05/2016 New study pinpoints placenta as treatment target
16/05/2016 WA can do more to ‘feed the zone’
16/05/2016 New report urges connectivity and innovation for Indo-Pacific agriculture
16/05/2016 Fear and anxiety will compete with hope and success in zone's race for food
16/05/2016 Strategic investment could leverage agricultural innovation and sustainability
16/05/2016 Innovation across borders
16/05/2016 International co-operation: shared problems, shared solutions
16/05/2016 Top honour for scientist's contribution to blood disorders
12/05/2016 Homosexual activity documented in female gorillas for the first time
11/05/2016 Archaeologists find world's oldest axe in WA's Kimberley
10/05/2016 Australian of the Year David Morrison to give Kyle Oration
9/05/2016 New scholarship supports research into the role of sharks in reef recovery
9/05/2016 Virgin Australia travel offer for UWA staff
6/05/2016 UWA study aims to take back pain out of the equation for new mums
6/05/2016 Love to hear percussion
5/05/2016 UWA Researchers share world’s richest science prize
5/05/2016 New look at crocodile eyes
3/05/2016 UWA wins big share of grants to boost science research