30/09/2015 Antarctic warming stimulates diversity of soil fungi
29/09/2015 UWA and international team pioneer new drug analysis method
29/09/2015 Korean rhythm and culture on display at UWA concert
25/09/2015 Egg research cracks top prize
25/09/2015 Eleven year cosmic search leads to black hole rethink
24/09/2015 Visionary, cooperative frameworks the answer to bilateral relations
23/09/2015 Students enjoy extraordinary meeting with former Indonesian President
23/09/2015 UWA law graduates win scholarships to Cambridge
22/09/2015 Fremantle found to be a 'global hot spot' for meteotsunamis
22/09/2015 Leading WA medical researchers recognised in national awards
22/09/2015 Former Indonesian president awarded honorary doctorate
22/09/2015 Australia can move from 'mining boom' to 'dining boom'
21/09/2015 New scholar accommodation aims to attract brightest minds
17/09/2015 Research identifies new gene that causes osteoporosis
17/09/2015 New research reveals obese individuals can't switch off from food
16/09/2015 Research finds how to increase wheat yield during drought in rainfed environments
16/09/2015 Patterns reveal a hidden history in women's art
15/09/2015 DeMonstrable exhibition marks 20 years since the 'earmouse'
14/09/2015 Agricultural practices unknowingly cause poisoning of lake catchment
14/09/2015 Researchers test speed of light with greater precision than before
11/09/2015 Final days for one-time-only Elise Blumann Exhibition
9/09/2015 UWA Science Library renamed in Nobel Laureate's honour
7/09/2015 Volunteer black hole hunters as good as the experts
4/09/2015 Call for better cardiac care in the Pilbara
4/09/2015 UWA pays tribute to historian Geoffrey Bolton
3/09/2015 Calls for greater action to prevent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide
2/09/2015 Arctic study finds CO2 helps plants grow but only at low temperatures
1/09/2015 Perth to host global conversation on gender equality
1/09/2015 New study asks why some motorists are more aggressive to cyclists