29/05/2015 Forrest Research Foundation Scholarships attract world's best minds
28/05/2015 Volunteers needed for childhood narcissism study
22/05/2015 Former Indonesian President joins us as a Senior Fellow
20/05/2015 UWA researchers secure a $9 million funding boost
20/05/2015 Ants colour vision may help march towards robot technology
18/05/2015 Former CSIRO boss Dr Megan Clark to chair EMI Board
18/05/2015 New UWA Africa Research Cluster to open in Perth
15/05/2015 China-Australia joint Research Centre established
15/05/2015 Study to investigate what we think about depression
13/05/2015 New Chair to focus on child and adolescent mental health
13/05/2015 UWA stem cell researcher awarded prestigious Metcalf Prize
11/05/2015 Exhibition takes new look at age-related issues
8/05/2015 Message from the Vice-Chancellor on the Australian Consensus Centre
8/05/2015 Inspired students make Incite finals
8/05/2015 Sunflower protein 'scissors' provide sunny news for medicine
6/05/2015 Medical placement program offers new hope for rural communities
6/05/2015 Positive outlook for WA's farming system groups
6/05/2015 UWA launches a new brand for a new century
5/05/2015 Andrew Styan awarded $35,000 Dr Harold Schenberg art prize
5/05/2015 2015 Ciara Glennon Scholarship awarded
1/05/2015 UWA's In The Zone to travel to Jakarta
1/05/2015 Smart Power - prosperity, persuasion and projection In The Zone
1/05/2015 Australia and Indonesia: A matter of special importance
1/05/2015 Major demographic change In The Zone will reshape our future
1/05/2015 Western Australia's relationships In The Zone will continue to flourish
1/05/2015 Research helps tackle mine tailings disasters