28/11/2014 UWA Indigenous graduates beat record
28/11/2014 Tabletop experiment could detect gravitational waves
27/11/2014 Wendy Martin to lead Perth International Arts Festival
26/11/2014 Tool kit for ocean health
26/11/2014 Rise in UWA rural and Indigenous medical graduates continues
25/11/2014 Clean-up work continues thanks to scholarship
25/11/2014 First Broadway access students to take Hippocratic Oath
25/11/2014 New Fortune Theatre turns 50 and fabulous
24/11/2014 Solar strategy needed to avoid electricity death spiral: report
21/11/2014 150 Indigenous year 8 students sample uni life
21/11/2014 Keeping watch over our seas
20/11/2014 Breakthrough in understanding wheat virus epidemics improves control options
20/11/2014 Lectures full of brainy ideas
19/11/2014 Female sea urchins hedge their bets in the mating game
17/11/2014 New program to boost US student numbers
14/11/2014 Girls engineer a better future
13/11/2014 Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must be financially attractive
13/11/2014 Techniques for analysing smart phone data may help understand marine species
12/11/2014 New Master of Strategic Communication seeks ambitious professionals
12/11/2014 New fast-charging station for electric vehicles at UWA
11/11/2014 Historic first for medical research fellowships
11/11/2014 Astronomers dissect the aftermath of a supernova
7/11/2014 Report reveals extent of housing issues facing older people
7/11/2014 Frontiers in mineral exploration
6/11/2014 Bushfire program wins Premier's Award
6/11/2014 Program review highlights strategies for improving Aboriginal mental health
6/11/2014 UWA scoops innovation prizes for medical breakthroughs
6/11/2014 UWA teams with Yara for free agricultural course
5/11/2014 Smart legacy in agriculture continues
4/11/2014 New book lifts the lid on engineers and their work
4/11/2014 Chinese wonder fruit genome to aid world fruit breeding
4/11/2014 Kings Park Honour Avenues: Bringing local history to life
3/11/2014 Outcomes for the mentally ill do not improve with age