30/07/2014 New UWA Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Community and Engagement
30/07/2014 Bullet 'fingerprints' to help solve crimes
29/07/2014 Get a taste of Uni life at UWA's Open Day
29/07/2014 University Hall recognised in WA architecture awards
28/07/2014 Phytoplankton use turbulence to survive
24/07/2014 $3.4 Million for UWA Future Fellows
24/07/2014 Giants in town for PIAF opening
23/07/2014 Perthites wanted for study on the Aussie lingo
23/07/2014 Dutch company takes on board UWA-designed anchor
22/07/2014 Strong showing of UWA finalists in Premier's Science Awards
21/07/2014 UWA graduates and student set for Commonwealth Games
21/07/2014 Closer look reveals climate projection models are spot on
20/07/2014 UWA international students in MH17 tragedy
18/07/2014 Diabetes champion wins national award
17/07/2014 New partnership invests in Myanmar's future
14/07/2014 Slow but sure progress to tortoise milestone
10/07/2014 High profile award to WA scientist
10/07/2014 New app just what the ear-doctor ordered
9/07/2014 Camp to help leavers make the ‘big decision’
9/07/2014 UWA’S engineering zone project gains momentum as web presence comes online
9/07/2014 Indigenous students aim for top marks, top jobs
7/07/2014 Breastfeeding trends good news for new mothers
7/07/2014 World class 3-D models help reveal cultural treasures
4/07/2014 Is Perth public transport 'off the rails'?
4/07/2014 Managing multicultural workforce the biggest challenge for organisations: UWA Business School researcher
4/07/2014 Indigenous student tops in sport of kings
3/07/2014 UWA engineering students on tour in Broome
3/07/2014 Better fun than being on holiday for Indigenous kids keen on science
3/07/2014 Researchers call for community help to better manage heart disease
3/07/2014 Remember when you believed anything and everything?
2/07/2014 National recognition for UWA research student
2/07/2014 Ochre bridges the gap through dance
1/07/2014 Research needed to resolve fate of missing plastic debris
1/07/2014 Green light for revolutionary new science curriculum