28/02/2014 Beazley launches discussion on US-Australia relations
28/02/2014 Cutting edge pipeline research wins innovation medal
27/02/2014 Strategies for sleeping and shift work
27/02/2014 What's critical about the earth's outer skin?
26/02/2014 National project to tackle Aboriginal suicide
26/02/2014 Balancing Perth's demand for water with conservation of native fauna
26/02/2014 UWA MBA student wins inaugural Austrade Scholarship for Women in International Business
26/02/2014 UWA ranked in world top 40 for three subjects
25/02/2014 New direction in medicine offers new hope for kids with asthma
21/02/2014 Electric cars - separating fact from fiction
21/02/2014 Top Australian scholar appointed to Chair at Harvard
21/02/2014 Imaging technology used to class grains and food
20/02/2014 Alcohol is not a direct cause of cognitive impairment in older men: study
20/02/2014 Natural killer cells used to attack spreading cancers
19/02/2014 UWA awarded $4m in federal medical research funds.
17/02/2014 Reaching new heights in astronomy
13/02/2014 Climate change restricts migrant species access to oceans
13/02/2014 Pilbara marine health check - good and bad news
13/02/2014 Changing running technique could cause more harm than good
13/02/2014 National Tertiary Education Union action
12/02/2014 Pioneer students announced under New Colombo Plan
11/02/2014 German classicist wins inaugural fellowship
11/02/2014 New media to throw a lifeline to an ancient language
10/02/2014 Study finds plenty more little fish in the sea
7/02/2014 UWA triumphs in international technology contest
5/02/2014 Outdoor workers face increased cancer risk
5/02/2014 Bush fruit gains American celebrity endorsement
4/02/2014 Peter Lilly to lead UWA's Engineering Zone project
4/02/2014 'BOABS' helps Indigenous people quit smoking
4/02/2014 Repelling sharks to save them... and us
4/02/2014 World Cancer Day
3/02/2014 New UWA MBA offers 12-month career transformation
3/02/2014 UWA mining experts with premier in South Africa
3/02/2014 Police-worker credits UWA
3/02/2014 Researchers tackle neurotrauma caused by car crashes