31/10/2013 Marine plants provide defence against climate change
31/10/2013 Take me to the river - past, present and future
31/10/2013 Strong showing of UWA finalists in 2013 WA Science Awards
29/10/2013 Study reveals local council mergers depend on efficiency
28/10/2013 Light nanofilter system worth its weight in gold and silver
28/10/2013 People with declining memories sought for exercise study
25/10/2013 Tough new varieties set to revive profitable chickpea industry
25/10/2013 Arts beat sport for healthier living
24/10/2013 UWA tops State in new federal research funds
24/10/2013 Coral makes cloud to keep climate sweet: experts
23/10/2013 UWA student tops nation-wide research challenge
23/10/2013 Sperm speed linked to paternity success
23/10/2013 US approves drug developed from UWA technology
22/10/2013 Water research hub announces new partnership
21/10/2013 Two-pronged approach to boost forest carbon storage
21/10/2013 Martin Ferguson joins UWA Energy and Minerals Board
18/10/2013 Chief Defence Scientist talks innovation at UWA
18/10/2013 More funding announced for healthier future
18/10/2013 Vale prolific Emeritus history Professor Frank Crowley (1924-2013)
17/10/2013 Top UWA astronomer honoured by election to technology academy
17/10/2013 Model solar vehicle challenge zooms into UWA
17/10/2013 Females fight back in sperm wars
17/10/2013 Leading structural engineer to present Memorial Lecture
16/10/2013 Green light for green idea?
15/10/2013 Timely book reveals economic growth fails to end India's food crisis
15/10/2013 $65M largest-ever philanthropic gift launches campaign for UWA
4/10/2013 The ultimate accuracy machine
2/10/2013 Is art at the heart of health?
1/10/2013 $775,000 boost for joint research efforts
1/10/2013 Perth's great outdoors: just an urban myth?
1/10/2013 Renowned futurist talks about change in WA's oldest town