30/08/2013 Winthrop Hall goes red for HIV/AIDS campaign
30/08/2013 A healthy lifestyle helps you survive bowel cancer
30/08/2013 Solving secrets of the wine cellar
28/08/2013 Sea-floor microbes may be affected by ailing shrimp in acidified oceans
27/08/2013 University Hall opening heralds new era for UWA students
27/08/2013 Pingelly Field Day to showcase cutting-edge Future Farm science
27/08/2013 Top WA scientist urges education focus in Great Southern
26/08/2013 Guerilla tactics to target war on weeds: world expert
26/08/2013 Nemo in hot water: climate change threatens coral reef icon
23/08/2013 $5M health boost for preterm babies and Indigenous children
23/08/2013 Science and sci-fi fan to meet top young scientists in Japan
23/08/2013 Top lawmaker to discuss founding father and favourite son
21/08/2013 Enzyme 'Lyn' linked to anaemia
21/08/2013 Grey nomads get hands dirty for science
20/08/2013 Call for 'citizen scientists' to help protect sea turtles
20/08/2013 Jam Tree Gully earns John Kinsella National Literary Award
16/08/2013 UWA welcomes proposed floating oil and gas partnership
16/08/2013 WA Government invests $26M in Astronomy and the Square Kilometre Array
16/08/2013 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad open for entries
16/08/2013 Slirp effect affects sperm's swimming ability
15/08/2013 UWA rankings leap higher in Centenary Year
14/08/2013 Greener suburbs foster leaner lifestyles
13/08/2013 UWA installs more recycling bins
13/08/2013 Engineering student wins top UWA award
12/08/2013 WA students partner with Japan for super science
12/08/2013 Taking the ouch out of knee surgery
9/08/2013 Bushfire rapid early warning system wins national award
9/08/2013 New high-sensitivity ion probe to boost mining discoveries
9/08/2013 Breast cancer and landcare projects make Eureka award finals
8/08/2013 Glue ear mystery solved – and researcher hears applause
7/08/2013 Albany conference to focus on future of education
7/08/2013 Colon cancer discovery could take treatment up a notch
6/08/2013 Students jump into giant cell
6/08/2013 Harp virtuoso wins Helpmann Award
5/08/2013 Kimberley students explore diversity of engineering
5/08/2013 Marine life on the move as oceans warm
5/08/2013 Atomic clock precision could soon be used at home and work
5/08/2013 Disease mongering the topic of UWA lecture
2/08/2013 UWA prepares for biggest Open Day of the century
1/08/2013 Teachers step up to master the world of education
1/08/2013 Closing in on Einstein's window to the universe
1/08/2013 Early civilisation sleeping giant waits off north west coast