31/07/2013 Biggest extinction in history caused by climate-changing meteor
31/07/2013 UWA signs online courses deal with world's leading provider
31/07/2013 Time running out to get ready for flu season
30/07/2013 Stressed plants say it with flowers
30/07/2013 To make new friends, walk the dog
30/07/2013 Living apart together: what's in it for men?
29/07/2013 Fish oil found to help serious pregnancy complications
28/07/2013 UWA welcomes move to City of Perth
26/07/2013 Desert Writings win coveted grant for UWA Publishing
24/07/2013 Disabled artists paint a different perspective
24/07/2013 Pathologists join army to fight infectious diseases in PNG
23/07/2013 Pawsey powerhouse supercomputer crunches pre-SKA data torrent
23/07/2013 Shipping up for safer sailing
22/07/2013 Call for better sugary foods import data as obesity rises
22/07/2013 Marine reserves help boost reef shark numbers
19/07/2013 UWA science leads to world-first anti-shark suits
18/07/2013 UWA to represent Australian architecture on world stage
16/07/2013 Fertilisers play key role in reducing crop pests
16/07/2013 Born to be at UWA
12/07/2013 University Cricket Club celebrates record-breaking Agar debut
12/07/2013 Snooping on neighbours gives animals the upper paw
11/07/2013 New super ceramic may make super mining savings
11/07/2013 Strong community ties help overcome disaster: expert
10/07/2013 New landmark TV series reveals untold story of world's oldest living culture
10/07/2013 Australia-Indonesia alliance could boost seaweed innovation
9/07/2013 Poor sperm count linked to early development
9/07/2013 Prestigious fellowship for oil and gas expert
9/07/2013 Finding cancer's 'Achilles heel' may save lives
9/07/2013 Knowledge of stingrays' sparked-up sex may help deter sharks
5/07/2013 WA war-time story brought to life on stage
5/07/2013 Scientists explore the mind with epigenomic maps
5/07/2013 UWA supports boundary reform to join City of Perth
5/07/2013 Specialists rock n' roll to support cancer research
5/07/2013 Call for stable policy to secure resource sector future
4/07/2013 UWA breakthroughs lead undersea LNG Pipeline Innovation
4/07/2013 Forum to examine latest neuroscience research
4/07/2013 Self-belief, determination the key for Pilbara students
3/07/2013 New grants are the bees knees for one-third of what we eat
2/07/2013 Leadership drive to help secure $100 billion Pilbara future
1/07/2013 Leading river scientist appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor
1/07/2013 Karratha leaders' lunch to explore untapped potential
1/07/2013 Karratha students to explore global visions for future