30/04/2013 New study reveals ancient microbial feasting
30/04/2013 High-speed discovery helps measure greenhouse gases from space
26/04/2013 Great balls of iron - researchers uncover clue to bird navigation
24/04/2013 New simulation centre to train regional health workers
24/04/2013 Chief scientist urges more thought for the future
23/04/2013 Indigenous doctor to inspire fellow high school students
23/04/2013 Young artist crowned winner of Schenberg Prize
22/04/2013 Three new molecules may hold key to survival
22/04/2013 Vicious cycle a pain in the back
19/04/2013 UWA to take action over PROSH article
17/04/2013 Giant stars cause monster cosmic explosion before dying
17/04/2013 Plight of bees to premiere in Perth for Honey Week
16/04/2013 Puppet ponders amazing blue whales
16/04/2013 New sweet potatoes turn to 'gold' for Timor-Leste
15/04/2013 First Australian win for US plant biology award
15/04/2013 Sharks dive deep on moonlit nights
15/04/2013 $1.5M grant to keep older Australians on their feet
12/04/2013 Gender pay gap persists through the ages
12/04/2013 UWA signs global deal with US firm to help develop new DMD drugs
11/04/2013 Researchers to target work-related asthma and cancer
10/04/2013 New study exposes link between pesticides and childhood brain tumours
10/04/2013 Larvae study reveals secrets of rock lobster development
9/04/2013 Wheat farmers to reap benefits of UWA public lecture
9/04/2013 Fish oil cuts heart risk for middle-aged overweight men
8/04/2013 'Hands on' surgery skills for Esperance High School students
8/04/2013 UWA archaeologists help traditional owners protect vital cultural treasures
8/04/2013 New obesity, height genes identified
5/04/2013 Thalidomide treatment included in record cancer funding
4/04/2013 Farmers to benefit from key research projects
4/04/2013 Pacific climate swings found to affect Western Indian Ocean rainfall
4/04/2013 Social media exposes fear of dentist's chair
2/04/2013 Giant death star continues to reveal secrets
2/04/2013 How to feed nine billion hungry mouths by 2050?