28/03/2013 Starshow gives Mid West schools a sparkle
27/03/2013 Molecular study cuts the mustard for climate change
27/03/2013 UWA scoops prestigious international prize - again
26/03/2013 Jekyll and Hyde corals tell different warming story
26/03/2013 Superfast plant breeding slashes production times
25/03/2013 UWA Fulbright scholar to focus on human rights
22/03/2013 UWA PhD student and lecturer wins model pharmacist award
22/03/2013 'Strong preference for local foods' study wins top award
21/03/2013 UWA graduates elect centenary leadership team
21/03/2013 UWA in harmony with Asian century
21/03/2013 Surfer-scientist off to study US corn as Fulbright scholar
20/03/2013 Underwater film maker to make waves in the US
19/03/2013 UWA consumers help farmers in developing countries
19/03/2013 Alannah MacTiernan to speak on high density planning
15/03/2013 Dark matter movie finds worldwide audience
15/03/2013 Mum's the word at GP skills day
13/03/2013 Is eye size related to genetics or environment?
13/03/2013 Brainy fun for curious kids
12/03/2013 New Wesfarmers Chair in Australian History to guide WA's future
12/03/2013 Midwest schools and communities get starstruck
11/03/2013 Beneficial tea tree oil given all-clear
11/03/2013 Graduates find mixed results in labour market
8/03/2013 Type 1 diabetes testing may be cheaper, faster
8/03/2013 Parkinson's partners asked to speak up
7/03/2013 Super nanowire composite solves 'valley of death' riddle
7/03/2013 Elizabeth Constable to be awarded Honorary Doctorate
7/03/2013 Arctic ecosystem about to tip over on climate change
5/03/2013 Rusty stirs up double trouble surprise
4/03/2013 New Indigenous law pathway launched
4/03/2013 MBA musician for Lakeside Symphony
4/03/2013 Social justice boost for Young Australian of the Year
1/03/2013 Huge hospital burden for kids with intellectual disability
1/03/2013 Colour vision link may help myopia research
1/03/2013 Iluka resources joins UWA to restore wildflower heath
1/03/2013 Act local for the planet's health: experts