30/11/2012 National prize for young UWA chemist
30/11/2012 Royalties make mining suffer: Expert
29/11/2012 UWA scholars elected to prestigious fellowship
29/11/2012 Study to examine how home owners prepare for bushfires
29/11/2012 New book aims to transform Indigenous social work
28/11/2012 Researcher wins grant to probe spinal complications
28/11/2012 Big rise in UWA rural medical graduates
28/11/2012 Riding the crowded dragon's back: How will Australia fare?
28/11/2012 UWA researchers to share $1m grant for early HIV detection
28/11/2012 Culture in the zone: a complex undertaking
28/11/2012 Asia strengthens research competition
27/11/2012 WA Premier criticises Asian Century White Paper
27/11/2012 Challenges and opportunities for Australia in supplying services to China
27/11/2012 Market distortions a key challenge in Asian century
27/11/2012 Water sensitive research hub set to change urban design
27/11/2012 Innovation and change the key to unlocking Asian century
27/11/2012 New UWA Scholarship to help Myanmar rebuild
27/11/2012 Mutual interdependence: security and trade
27/11/2012 Cross-cultural leadership essential for Asian Century success
26/11/2012 Australia has a role in prolonging Asian financial growth
26/11/2012 Perth now a diversified, globally significant city
26/11/2012 Partnerships the key to capacity building in Asia
26/11/2012 China story has a long way to run
26/11/2012 The economies of the Asian century will continue to flourish
23/11/2012 Mythbusting scientists 'undiscover' fantasy island
23/11/2012 International team discover clue to devastating disease
22/11/2012 UWA's physics gems sparkle
22/11/2012 In the Zone: Prepare for the Asian century
21/11/2012 Raine Foundation announces medical research grants
21/11/2012 Albany teaching courses give great southern professionals a new lease on life
21/11/2012 Diabetes Australia grant for promising researcher
20/11/2012 Monitoring effects of screen-media on children's health
20/11/2012 Engineering scholarship celebrates 10 years
20/11/2012 UWA hails business commitment to education and leadership
20/11/2012 Hungry world to benefit from biggest wheat grower's legacy
19/11/2012 How do mood or memory issues affect multi-tasking?
19/11/2012 UWA people make finals of Australian of Year for WA
19/11/2012 New Indonesian scholarships prepare for Asian century
16/11/2012 Greenland hot property for Australian miners
16/11/2012 UWA researchers bloom in young tall poppy awards
16/11/2012 UWA launches virtual dentistry
15/11/2012 New polar research provides vital information for planet
15/11/2012 UWA introduces fighter pilot technology to dentistry
14/11/2012 Surprise finding will help treat genetic disorder
13/11/2012 Perth USAsia Centre launched
13/11/2012 World-leading archaeologist appointed Kimberley rock art Chair
12/11/2012 Barrow Island time-capsule to unlock early Australian history
12/11/2012 Inaugural Kimberley rock art Chair to be announced
9/11/2012 New Australian telescope set to find 700,000 galaxies
8/11/2012 UWA teams top WA Innovator Awards