31/10/2012 Enthralling memories unveil secrets of new Arena
31/10/2012 Leading LNG researcher wins PM's science prize
30/10/2012 Arena secrets rise from ghost of Perth Entertainment Centre
29/10/2012 World-class research at new UWA Albany Science Centre
29/10/2012 Shark brain link with humans may help hunt for repellent
29/10/2012 Top historians see Perth as nation's future capital city
26/10/2012 Bunbury dux is UWA's newest Rhodes Scholar
26/10/2012 UWA Albany sciences building opens Monday
25/10/2012 UWA backs call for local government reform
25/10/2012 WA assists new leads in fight against pancreatic cancer
24/10/2012 Destructive pea weevils on the way out
23/10/2012 UWA expertise to aid international nuclear inspections
22/10/2012 Joint statement from The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland: Sean Barrett
19/10/2012 Indigenous health, asthma, diabetes targeted by NHMRC funding
19/10/2012 Why the world's biggest fish needs to swim near the surface
18/10/2012 Learning Links program puts high school students on world stage
17/10/2012 Scientists awarded funding boost for prem babies and eye research
17/10/2012 Lyric protester: Kinsella wins Victorian Premier's Literary Award for poetry
16/10/2012 Strategic need seen to learn Chinese language and culture
16/10/2012 Volunteers sought for edible vaccine trials
15/10/2012 House of spider or no brunettes? - Nyungar scholar sets record straight
12/10/2012 UWA academics honoured as outstanding teachers
12/10/2012 UWA tops WA science awards
11/10/2012 UWA abalone expert elected to world Aquaculture Council
11/10/2012 Discovery may lead to new drugs to curb obesity, type 2 diabetes
10/10/2012 Hands-on learning leads to nursing education award
9/10/2012 Adaptation brings thrombolites into the gallery
9/10/2012 Bigger play areas for kids cut obesity risk
5/10/2012 Acclaimed UK keyboardist goes HIP for Callaway Lecture
5/10/2012 New pathway for indigenous students to become lawyers
5/10/2012 Warning labels may curb binge drinking in high-risk youth
4/10/2012 Vitamin B crucial to children's mental health
4/10/2012 UWA Clough scholars program relaunched
3/10/2012 Environmental economist elected to Social Sciences Academy
3/10/2012 UWA joins Stanford University to offer free online courses
3/10/2012 Scar treatment trial volunteers sought
2/10/2012 UWA scores Doug Ellis trophy at Australian University Games
1/10/2012 Indigenous business conference to examine growth opportunities