31/08/2012 Thousands more high school students offered key to University
31/08/2012 A winning best practice aged care partnership
28/08/2012 Anaesthetic linked to learning problems in children
27/08/2012 New polymer research aims to boost dryland crop productivity
24/08/2012 UWA backs national anti-racism campaign
24/08/2012 Resistance evolution in weeds puts 2,4-D under the microscope
24/08/2012 Pilbara doctors enhance surgical skills
23/08/2012 What motivates rejection of (climate) science?
23/08/2012 The Milky Way now has a twin (or two)
22/08/2012 Renewed ATCO scholarship helps top students in financial need
22/08/2012 Top economist to explain seeing the world through game theory
22/08/2012 Improving dementia care for Indigenous Australians wins acclaim
21/08/2012 When is a native not a native and what should we do about it?
17/08/2012 Molecular code cracked
17/08/2012 Gypsy study unravels a novel ataxia gene
16/08/2012 Rockets, cane toads and art for Kimberley school programs
16/08/2012 WA to lead world's biggest study of child language development
15/08/2012 Empowering Aboriginal communities the key to suicide prevention
15/08/2012 UWA joins world top 100 universities
14/08/2012 UWA finalists dominate WA Science Awards
14/08/2012 60 million years in the making and in need of protection
14/08/2012 Corporate and academic leader appointed to senior UWA role
10/08/2012 Foreign Minister hails global benefit in UWA resources expertise
10/08/2012 SW high school students visit UWA for Science Week
10/08/2012 Busselton people help type 2 diabetes world research
10/08/2012 Beauty sleep the last thing on a male sandpiper's mind
9/08/2012 Carol Schwartz to speak at Business Graduates' Dinner
9/08/2012 Controversial ex-Bishop to talk religion at UWA
8/08/2012 Lecture to spotlight power and influence of Australian media
7/08/2012 Skilled migrants risk depression in low-paid jobs
7/08/2012 Mining boom spurs new Archaeology Masters course
7/08/2012 Huge open-air lab for new water management studies
6/08/2012 Find your direction at UWA's Open Day
6/08/2012 One chromosome key to combatting global food threat
3/08/2012 Ancient coral reefs at risk from deforestation and land use practices
3/08/2012 UWA psychology researcher to face national uni challenge
3/08/2012 New supercomputer bolsters world's biggest radio telescope
2/08/2012 State's finest writers join UWA Arts Faculty
2/08/2012 Supercomputer launch marks 50 years of computing at UWA
1/08/2012 Family hopes for cure for debilitating Parkinson's disease