31/07/2012 Coral reef expert awarded Australia's leading Fellowship
31/07/2012 Restoration can't make up for loss of good quality bushland
30/07/2012 Dinkum science on dunny doors
27/07/2012 Breast cancer, autism and natural gas research put scientists on Eureka shortlist
27/07/2012 Future Fellows to ignite passion for research
26/07/2012 New Director's focus on translating research into action
26/07/2012 More testosterone increases prostate cancer risk in older men: study
26/07/2012 Technology partnership to tackle society's big challenges
25/07/2012 Culture and identity key to helping Indigenous mental health
25/07/2012 Large breasts a cancer risk: study
25/07/2012 Ozone hole UV impacting marine life: study
24/07/2012 Same-sex marriage not the answer: expert
24/07/2012 MoleMate cancer tester 'less accurate' than doctors' eyes
23/07/2012 Shell helps train new breed of oil and gas engineers at UWA
23/07/2012 Unprecedented Indian Ocean heatwave creates melting pot
20/07/2012 Are ewe eating for two, three, four...?
20/07/2012 Study to examine how mining and climate affect native fish
19/07/2012 Native plants join battle to save biodiversity hotspot
19/07/2012 Women's retirement most at risk as poor investor sentiment continues
19/07/2012 Volunteers sought for study into sleep-depression links
18/07/2012 Pre-Olympic call for global action on physical inactivity
18/07/2012 UWA business students win national title
18/07/2012 Family homicide expert dispels myths on ABC Radio
17/07/2012 Empathetic GPs may reduce depression and suicidal thoughts
17/07/2012 Acclaimed mathematician celebrates 36 years at UWA
16/07/2012 $6.7 million to boost low-carbon farm research
16/07/2012 PM joins business and community leaders at UWA roundtable
12/07/2012 Nine German Arias
10/07/2012 BBC features UWA marine researcher
10/07/2012 Funding for crucial ocean and climate research
9/07/2012 Salt-tolerant chickpea project to boost crop production
6/07/2012 Corporate and Government Affairs role filled at UWA
5/07/2012 Pregnant women wanted for birth outcomes survey
5/07/2012 Shipwreck becomes time capsule
3/07/2012 Ignore oceans at our peril: Expert
3/07/2012 Biomedical and plant science the winners with new appointment
2/07/2012 UWA wins $4.5 million in research funding boost
2/07/2012 UWA students and staff seek international sporting success
2/07/2012 Taking on a mountain in crusade for a cure