31/05/2012 DNA discovery key to drought resistant crops
31/05/2012 Zircon crystals reveal onset of plate tectonics
30/05/2012 National award for pioneering psychologist
29/05/2012 Distance may make the heart grow fonder: Expert
29/05/2012 DMD trial finds treatment duration more important than dose
28/05/2012 Award for study of cancer link to home renovators
28/05/2012 Enhanced data access to benefit cancer researchers and patients
28/05/2012 Zuytdorp Zest Festival taps Zeitgeist
25/05/2012 Good food and talk underpin UWA-China friendship
25/05/2012 Toxin profile revealed in first study of 2003 WA outbreak of head blight in wheat
25/05/2012 Cancer treatment discovery opens tumours to immune cells
25/05/2012 UWA leads world in new approach to treating emotional disorders
21/05/2012 Ocean of opportunities to understand eye function
21/05/2012 Young artist's ambition soars with Schenberg
21/05/2012 Warming may lead to functional extinction of Mediterranean seagrass meadows mid-century
21/05/2012 New global study: seagrasses can store as much carbon as forests
16/05/2012 Clough family joins UWA Graduates' Walk
16/05/2012 UWA's 'feed the world' Professor lauded
15/05/2012 Noongar rights denied by colonial laws: expert
15/05/2012 Top British soil scientist joins UWA
15/05/2012 Move over, Time Team
12/05/2012 Messages of support strengthen UWA response to student orientation camps
11/05/2012 UWA graduates receive Gates Cambridge scholarships
10/05/2012 Agricultural scientist honoured for 'inspiring influence'
10/05/2012 New step forward in cancer care
10/05/2012 "Music Royalty" composes for her
9/05/2012 "The Mikado - in absentia" - The Vocal Program at UWA's School of Music
8/05/2012 Three Rs - and Engineering - at school
8/05/2012 "Smart" ear fix trial to begin at Fremantle Hospital
8/05/2012 Crop root study to boost Australian grain production
7/05/2012 New vaccine shows promise to protect against common cause of meningitis
7/05/2012 Federal Minister inspects construction progress on new UWA student accommodation
5/05/2012 UWA implements strict rules for student camps
4/05/2012 Award recognises engineers' pioneering surgery
4/05/2012 Lindsay Tanner on 'Taming the Feral Media'
1/05/2012 Rio Tinto signs $3 Million education partnership with UWA