31/10/2011 Google hires UWA software engineering students
29/10/2011 CHOGM comes to The University of Western Australia
28/10/2011 Ocean flora retreating to the brink
27/10/2011 CHOGM publication: making a difference
27/10/2011 Royal visit for new mining exploration technology
26/10/2011 PM praises high standard of UWA geology research
26/10/2011 Win/win for 'polygamouse' females
26/10/2011 On song for good health
26/10/2011 Governor general receives international dignitaries at UWA
25/10/2011 Resources state universities, UQ and UWA, to lead international mining centre
25/10/2011 UQ-UWA collaboration moves into second year
25/10/2011 'An artist's journey' on display at UWA
24/10/2011 UWA hosts Commonwealth policy briefing
24/10/2011 Fay Gale lecture to focus on income inequality
24/10/2011 Research to preserve precious resource
24/10/2011 WA may be “new California” says UWA Chancellor Michael Chaney
21/10/2011 Immigration Secretary to discuss Islam
21/10/2011 Commonwealth reform package: A human rights preview
20/10/2011 New evidence for first production of oxygen on earth
20/10/2011 New diploma offers pathway to UWA degree
19/10/2011 Study refutes testosterone as 'fountain of youth'
17/10/2011 UWA receives $25 million in medical research funding
17/10/2011 Breastmilk a natural stem cell therapy
17/10/2011 Race to save last 400 of world's most endangered wolf
14/10/2011 Australia's first Indigenous psychiatrist wins top international awards
14/10/2011 Cervical cancer vaccine inventor to talk at UWA
14/10/2011 Life on earth to benefit from super-fast DNA sequencer
13/10/2011 UWA music man voted best in Australia
11/10/2011 UWA students win US diplomatic internships
10/10/2011 Pink light for cancer research
7/10/2011 UWA graduates win top engineering awards
6/10/2011 New UWA residential college expansion gets underway
5/10/2011 Traffic emission linked to low birth weight
5/10/2011 UWA joins global supercomputing ranks
5/10/2011 Eat apples for a healthy heart
5/10/2011 UWA Publishing book wins WA Premier's Award for WA History