31/08/2011 Researchers link bowel cancer to diabetes 2 in men
30/08/2011 How to prepare for bushfire season
29/08/2011 UWA a global hotspot for minerals and energy research
29/08/2011 From party pills to cancer drug?
25/08/2011 Breakthrough insights into mitochondrial diseases
24/08/2011 Geoff Gallop and Bob Hawke celebrate UWA
23/08/2011 Improving the lives of people with disabilities
23/08/2011 Sulfur-loving fossils could point the way to life on Mars
22/08/2011 Secretary to the Treasury to give 2011 Shann Memorial Lecture
22/08/2011 Hazardous weather expert at UWA
22/08/2011 Shark Bay seagrass 'potentially an $8 billion carbon sink'
22/08/2011 Real science among the red dirt
19/08/2011 9/11 Ten Years On: UWA conference
17/08/2011 Plant proteins to help solve global challenges
17/08/2011 Rankings confirm UWA's five-star reputation
17/08/2011 Climate Commission launches WA Climate Report
17/08/2011 Call for WA women to join international breast cancer prevention study
15/08/2011 Nobel laureate to discuss world's multi-speed economy
15/08/2011 Chance of 'Eureka' moment for young leader
15/08/2011 Drinking-water for the world attracts Eureka judges
15/08/2011 Desley Hegney appointed as Professor of Nursing
12/08/2011 World Bank President at UWA
12/08/2011 Report highlights latest climate change research in WA
12/08/2011 National school assessment centre launched at UWA
12/08/2011 BBC whale documentary to feature work of UWA researcher
12/08/2011 Eureka moment for environmental research
11/08/2011 Historic moment for UWA Masters of Nursing
11/08/2011 Breakthrough research holds clues about MS cause
8/08/2011 UWA Podiatric Surgery Clinic opens
8/08/2011 Seeing gold in tumours
5/08/2011 Perth Festival welcomes Rio Tinto's four-year increased commitment to family and education program
5/08/2011 UWA Business School achieves AACSB accreditation
2/08/2011 UWA Open Day showcases new courses
2/08/2011 Leading genetic scientist to head UWA Centre
1/08/2011 Brain biomechanics book outlines new lifesaving techniques
1/08/2011 Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair visits UWA