30/06/2011 WASO appoints Kennea
29/06/2011 UWA engineers top national 100
29/06/2011 UWA's Zadko telescope tracks rare near-earth space rock
29/06/2011 UWA hosts biggest anthropology conference in southern hemisphere
28/06/2011 UWA student builds bridge to China
28/06/2011 'Slum shack' to highlight poverty at international conference
27/06/2011 UWA teachers achieve national recognition
27/06/2011 Six of the best delve into Europe's dark past
27/06/2011 Night owls' habits linked to depression in older men
23/06/2011 Scott wins second Miles Franklin award
22/06/2011 Broad-acre farm response to climate change
22/06/2011 Queen's honours
22/06/2011 Kangaroo paw's poisonous past
20/06/2011 Collaboration to 'slow the meter'
16/06/2011 Unexpected discoveries about 40 year-old Apollo lunar dust experiments
16/06/2011 Year tens don thinking caps
15/06/2011 Boost to UWA minerals and energy research
15/06/2011 Amino acids give wheat better chance of surviving floods
15/06/2011 Michael Chaney to deliver Vincent Fairfax Oration on corporate ethics
14/06/2011 Cellular trash turns out to be treasure
13/06/2011 A little lupin improves the bread of life
13/06/2011 What sawfish really do with their saw
10/06/2011 Workshop to create links to save desert ecology
10/06/2011 Chief scientist to deliver 2011 George Seddon Lecture
10/06/2011 Catalyst marine special
9/06/2011 End native versus alien wars: Expert
9/06/2011 Coming to grips with modern Australia from historical perspective
9/06/2011 Help needed to sniff out most desirable truffle
8/06/2011 Sleep research to save Australia billions
7/06/2011 Mindful planet-manager urges intervention
7/06/2011 Hot arts season for winter warmth
2/06/2011 Ocean gliders uncover underwater 'rivers' off Perth
2/06/2011 New UWA Centre to analyse sleep