28/07/2010 UWA team in world robot challenge
27/07/2010 UWA to host science festival in Malaysia
27/07/2010 Education holds key to boosting agriculture
22/07/2010 UWA defence researchers in Eureka finals
21/07/2010 Bugs in the system save environment and money
21/07/2010 Words and pictures inspire winning music
21/07/2010 Cosmetic boss to speak at Women's Trust lunch
20/07/2010 Visiting Chinese students strengthen ties with UWA
20/07/2010 Researchers win $9 million for national centres of excellence
19/07/2010 Researchers win funding for national centres of excellence
19/07/2010 Child health PhD student wins three-minute test
16/07/2010 UWA to lead world-class research
16/07/2010 Pilbara Year 10s check out UWA
15/07/2010 UWA to provide high-quality early childhood teachers
15/07/2010 Project to help refugees and migrants avoid phone trap
14/07/2010 Green light for future farms’ climate change research
14/07/2010 Boost to UWA research collaborations with India
14/07/2010 UWA technology to measure threats to Italian lake
14/07/2010 Indigenous school students follow the dream
13/07/2010 Mental health 'thermometer' to save lives
9/07/2010 Brain study may help conserve sharks
7/07/2010 New link found between testosterone and frailty
7/07/2010 Brainy WA kids expand their hemispheres
7/07/2010 More than investigating science
6/07/2010 Great teachers keep UWA on track
5/07/2010 Plant nutrition expert wins international recognition
5/07/2010 Indigenous school students at uni for the holidays
5/07/2010 UWA researchers to identify best practice for co-ops
1/07/2010 Resources Super Profit Tax - The case for a small gold mine in WA