30/06/2010 Black holes and Gingin bush lab a big chance for Indian interns
29/06/2010 Climate change sceptics under fire
29/06/2010 Tea tree oil offers hope to skin cancer patients
28/06/2010 Study finds antidepressants not working in older men
28/06/2010 Prehistoric sexual preferences
24/06/2010 UWA biographer sheds new light on a bright poetic star
23/06/2010 UWA wins $8.04M in research funding
22/06/2010 UWA ecologist to receive gold medal
21/06/2010 Half would pay for recycled water
18/06/2010 Campus art project celebrates UWA centenary
18/06/2010 UWA campus recognised in Heritage Awards
17/06/2010 Banksia exhibition highlights Australia's extraordinary floral diversity
17/06/2010 Stem cell breakthrough offers new hope for lung disease patients
16/06/2010 Jorg Imberger to advise BP on Gulf oil spill
16/06/2010 WA researchers find new genetic link for schizophrenia
15/06/2010 Parasite ID to save WA's honeybee industry
15/06/2010 Climate change scepticism under the spotlight
15/06/2010 Indigenous students make plans for future
14/06/2010 UWA campus alive with the arts this winter
11/06/2010 Metcalfe bids 'friendly' farewell
11/06/2010 Water and a sense of place: public lecture at UWA
11/06/2010 UWA launches new networking site - alumniConnect
10/06/2010 New rapid, effective system for monitoring mosquito-borne disease
10/06/2010 Centre to study our unique marine estate
9/06/2010 Campus building to honour Vice-Regal couple
9/06/2010 Fremantle Port dredging in the spotlight
9/06/2010 UWA Vice-Chancellor to head worldwide network
9/06/2010 Super telescope funding targets UWA’s geothermal research
8/06/2010 Scientists reveal deep sea mysteries of the Perth Canyon
8/06/2010 Ocean glider completes first voyage
8/06/2010 UWA establishes religion and globalisation initiative
7/06/2010 New hope for breast cancer patients
4/06/2010 Perth's grand canyon revealed, deep beneath the waves
2/06/2010 Research identifies health trends among heroin users
1/06/2010 UWA graduates to tackle English Channel
1/06/2010 UWA architecture competition designed to aid international crisis areas