31/05/2010 UWA students win Step Up for MS
31/05/2010 UWA staff and graduates win WA Citizen of the Year Awards
28/05/2010 UWA expert tells the world to get a move on
28/05/2010 What women (who wear wool) want
28/05/2010 Awards haul for UWA marine images
27/05/2010 Infecting staff with the student engagement virus
26/05/2010 Perth International Arts Festival appoints new film program manager
26/05/2010 Black hole discoverer to inspire students to aim for stars
25/05/2010 Weed seed destructor set to strike in wheatbelt
25/05/2010 UWA scientist and Premier's Fellow elected to the Royal Society
24/05/2010 UWA's virtual project shortlisted for US$10,000 prize
20/05/2010 Pain and risk-free liver test wins acclaim for developer
19/05/2010 UWA seeks new artistic director for Perth International Arts Festival 2012
18/05/2010 UWA expert wins NSW literary prize
17/05/2010 Honour-killing researcher wins prestigious award
14/05/2010 UWA a founding member of international university network
14/05/2010 Neighbours' responses to affect town-planning
14/05/2010 UWA experts to reveal life in Pompeii
14/05/2010 Beetle DNA holds key to evolutionary puzzle
13/05/2010 Stay one step ahead of the weeds
13/05/2010 The human side of carbon reduction
12/05/2010 Marmalade and letters preserve dynastic power
12/05/2010 The problem with modern day lives
11/05/2010 Eyes on positive schools conference
11/05/2010 Elusive chuditch spotted in southern suburbs
11/05/2010 Top mathematician warns of trouble ahead
10/05/2010 Elections, money and free speech in the US
10/05/2010 In search of genetic secrets for water tolerant wheat
10/05/2010 Jet machine gives new hope to tiny babies
10/05/2010 New centre to focus on emotional health
6/05/2010 UWA awards excellence in teaching
6/05/2010 Port Geographe seagrass study
6/05/2010 Nationwide sea-floor study starts in WA
4/05/2010 Focus on teaching and learning
4/05/2010 UWA scholarship winners to help put Perth on the map
3/05/2010 UWA study questions quality of care for mental health patients
3/05/2010 York, terrace and festival music man turns 80