21/12/2009 New centre for energy at UWA
18/12/2009 New centre for the mathematics of symmetry and computation
18/12/2009 International mining collaboration to further industry and environment
18/12/2009 UWA's first Indigenous dentist graduates
18/12/2009 Five new lung function genes discovered
17/12/2009 Climate change no laughing matter at UWA
16/12/2009 Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes teacher in Perth for schools conference
15/12/2009 UWA Motorsport takes second place at Australasia Championship
14/12/2009 UWA students win Prime Minister's prize
14/12/2009 Computer fire prediction model likely to save lives
14/12/2009 UWA medical student wins Human Rights medal
11/12/2009 UWA indigenous medical education in the limelight
11/12/2009 Fast-growing Perth under the microscopes of 1,000 urban planners
10/12/2009 Down to earth approach to climate change
10/12/2009 Bankers warned against becoming curators
9/12/2009 New "Busselton Health Study": healthy ageing
8/12/2009 UWA's world-class engineer wins national earth sciences award
8/12/2009 UWA engineering students take national honours
7/12/2009 Children's book targets health in the Kimberley
7/12/2009 Study finds heart disease link in kidney patients
7/12/2009 New chapter for the "Busselton Health Study"
4/12/2009 Professor Ian Constable's lifetime contribution lauded
4/12/2009 UWA student named Rhodes Scholar at Large
4/12/2009 High school students keyed up for summer
3/12/2009 Indian Rim Asian University Games demonstrate sport, culture and friendship - 7 to 11 December
2/12/2009 Leading mathematician and UWA scholar named scientist of the year
2/12/2009 UWA Publishing Wins Prestigious Poetry Award
1/12/2009 Vital importance of habitat
1/12/2009 UWA geologist wins international medal
1/12/2009 iPods handy for rehabilitation