29/05/2009 Australian and Tanzanian foreign Ministers 'International Day of UN Peacekeepers' address at UWA
29/05/2009 On June 5, UWA joins worldwide date with the planet
28/05/2009 UWA attracts $5 million in new research funds
28/05/2009 UWA engineers win national technology award
27/05/2009 UWA link to new National Research body
27/05/2009 The Summer Exercises: Making a town from photographs and silence
27/05/2009 WA book designer walks away with coveted national publishing design award
27/05/2009 Australian and Tanzanian foreign ministers deliver 'UN International Day of Peacekeepers' address at UWA
25/05/2009 Brainy WA kids expand their hemispheres
22/05/2009 Anatomy Professor chalks up national teaching fellowship
22/05/2009 UWA offers options in science to students facing decision time
21/05/2009 Genes that 'switch-on' the reproductive system
19/05/2009 UWA study finds teen girls regret having sex earlier
18/05/2009 Scientific breakthrough links gene that controls immune response to depression
14/05/2009 Mandatory sentencing: More time, less crime?
14/05/2009 Computer expert and biochemist win joint prestigious prize for breastfeeding research
13/05/2009 Positive thinking for classroom smiles
12/05/2009 Social worker of the year awards
8/05/2009 Former Ugandan Vice-President talks about world hunger
7/05/2009 Renowned astronomer takes cosmic time trip
5/05/2009 Seminar to examine mining and safety techniques
4/05/2009 In the Zone - UWA to host international conference on the region's future
3/05/2009 New $50M UWA Business School opens
1/05/2009 Beachside sand structures before the jury
1/05/2009 Computer model gives vital clues to dealing with flu pandemics