Tuesday, 25 August 2020

The National Quality Assurance Framework is a set of legislative requirements and regulatory standards that govern the operations of higher education providers such as universities.

The Framework is a safety net to protect the quality and reputation of the Australian higher education sector, safeguard student interests, maintain compliance with migration law, and provide national consistency.

The key components of the regulatory framework include:

  • Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) Act 2011;
  • The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

The standards associated with the regulatory framework are the 2015 Threshold Standards and the 2018 National Code.

To deliver on the University’s mission and to continue to be recognised as a global leader in university education, as well as meeting the legislative obligations with TEQSA, it is required that the University renew its standing as a Higher Education Provider every seven years.

In 2016, the University was given an unconditional re-registration and was able to demonstrate the quality of its degrees and their delivery. To be re-registered unconditionally, the University must show that it meets the requirements of the 2015 Threshold Standards and the 2018 National Code .

The University is due to be re-registered in April 2023 and must submit its applications for renewal by September 2022. The necessary work to gather and collate the evidence to demonstrate it complies with the Standards in support of the re-registration application has already begun.

In these challenging times, many in the University have significant priorities to address. However, starting this necessary work now is a means to minimise the impact this has on the University’s core operations and to provide us with sufficient lead time.

A program has been established to identify and collate the necessary evidence between now and the middle of 2022 and is being overseen by a dedicated steering committee. The help and support of both academic and professional staff across the University is needed for the successful implementation of the program.

The renewal of the University’s registration is being led by the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and will be reaching out to various stakeholders across the University to assist with the re-registration process.

If you have any questions on the re-registration please contact Wing Chung, Manager, Compliance, Policy and Quality Assurance .


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