Tuesday, 19 May 2020

UWA Marine ecologist and economist, Dr Matt Navarro, has shared his expertise with the public by joining the live Pint of Science Ask Me Anything event on 13 May.

Pint of Science, an annual event which brings researchers to give talks in pubs across Australia, has adapted to this year’s challenges by bringing the event to a virtual platform. Instead of the usual gathering of curious minds meeting over a drink, this year’s celebration of scientific research was held through a series of online events, including panels, podcasts, hashtags, reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and even online trivia.

Dr Matt Navarro represented the Oceans Institute, spending his day scrolling through comments and answering questions on the subreddit r/IAma.

He said of the experience, “it provided me with an opportunity to discuss topics that are really important to me with the general public, and it challenged me to communicate my research and ideas free of the jargon that can make science inaccessible.”

Matt, who works with recreational fishers in his research, joined in this event as it “provides an awesome opportunity for scientists to engage with the public in innovative and engaging ways,” with the format “allowing people to have fun with science”.

The Ask Me Anything format is one in which the audience is free to ask any and all questions to the scientists, affording a free-flowing discussion between audience and scientist. Reddit is a popular social platform that attracts a strong following among young adults in particular.

"I used this platform to correct misconceptions that recreational fishers are opposed to conservation policies like no-take marine reserves. This has been an key finding of my research and is important for progressing policy debates" explains Matt. "Recreational fishers can be allies in Australia's marine conservation efforts."

If you wish to revisit this year's online events or want to find out how to get involved in next year’s Pint of Science events please visit their site here .

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Communications Officer, Oceans Institute


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