Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We understand that you may be concerned about COVID-19 and its potential effect on the University. I write to give you some advice about how we can all stay safe and support each other at this time.

There is a lot of work happening at the moment to make sure that our students who cannot be here for the start of semester can continue their education in a rewarding and meaningful way. We appreciate the enormous group effort that is being made by all staff to do this.

With that in mind, we all need to be mindful about the work that we are performing. We need to work well and wisely and make sure we are acting kindly towards all our colleagues and students. Therefore, while we all need to be flexible during this time; it is also important that if you feel like your workload is not manageable that you talk to your manager.

There are a variety of options for managers to support colleagues as well as recognising them appropriately for additional work that is required at this time.

Professional staff who are asked by their manager to work overtime should make sure that they are recording that time and receiving either overtime payments or Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). Academic staff should make sure they discuss their workloads with their Heads of School and that any changes are made by agreement.

It is also good to remind everyone that the Health and Wellbeing team are available to come and talk to staff about good health practices and, of course, if anyone would like to access the University’s employee assistance program during this time they can do so by calling 1300 307 912 (24 hours, 7 days).

If you have any questions relating to this please do not hesitate to speak to your manager. HR Business Partners are also available to assist and their contact details are available here: HRBP contact d​etails .

Best wishes,

Nigel Waugh
Director, Human Resources


UWA Forward