Monday, 10 February 2020

Dongke Zhang and his Centre for Energy team invite Master of Professional Engineering candidates to enrol in the above elective unit. This unit is delivered in intensive teaching mode over 8 weeks in Term 3 (July 27 – September 18, 2020), including the final exam. This fun-filled unit will simply inspire and energise our future chemical and mechanical engineers as well as energy, environment, safety and health professionals to equip them with practical knowledge and innovative capabilities of combustion science and technology. Some details of the unit are as follows.


A can-do professional capable of problem-solving, improving existing technology, inventing new technology, creating new combustion science knowledge, and practical application know-how.







This unit is intended to be an introduction to the field of combustion science and technology, including fuels, practical combustion systems, fires and explosion hazards, and emission control technologies for engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students. Topics include chemical composition and chemistry of fossil fuels, physico-chemical properties and combustion phenomena of common fuels, ignition and flame stabilisation, flame detection, monitoring and control, practical applications of fuel and combustion technologies, combustion-generated pollutants and control, fire and explosion, and arson investigation.


At the end of the course, candidates are expected to be able to:

(i)      Master physico-chemical properties of common fuels and their selection and use, basic combustion calculations;

(ii)     Understand common combustion technologies for practical applications;

(iii)    Select and use common flame detection, monitoring and control techniques;

(iv)    Understand pollutant formation mechanisms during fuel combustion and emission control strategies;

Enrolment for CHPR5520 opens now and please join us on this rewarding journey. Ahoy!

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