Thursday, 30 January 2020

Students and staff from The University of Western Australia’s School of Earth Sciences will benefit from a donation of important research software MoveTM , valued at £ 1,341,962 .

MoveTM software enables structural restorations of geological cross sections and allows students to undertake research in petroleum and mining.

Professor Myra Keep, from UWA’s School of Earth Sciences, said the software provided a vital resource, particularly for Honours and Master’s students undertaking research projects.

“Structural restoration is an important step in understanding petroleum system evolution, so this software adds a new dimension to our petroleum research projects,” Professor Keep said.

The company behind the software, Midland Valley, have donated educational software licences to UWA’s School of Earth Sciences for a number of years, which have been used in several research projects.

Midland Valley was recently purchased by Petroleum Experts Ltd, which continues to provide licences to modules of their propriety software for academic use.

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