Monday, 14 October 2019

Three proud members of Convocation were recognised at the Spring Ordinary Meeting.

At the Autumn Meeting we had the pleasure of hearing that while Astrid Boggs was a relatively recent and mature graduate of UWA, she loved being just that as a member of Convocation. She told us that while she was not well and may not have long to go, she enjoyed joining with other graduates at our regular Ordinary Meetings. Sadly, Astrid was correct and she did not make spring, but was remembered at the meeting, and in a heartfelt obituary prepared for the local press by fellow Convocation member, Patrick Cornish.

Bruce Hartley, always with his bushy beard, was another regular at our Ordinary Meetings. Bruce was a locally acclaimed scientist, a specialist in radiation safety, and some might say that above all else he was a rugby nut. Bruce was a legend of the UWA Rugby Club, and was recognised as the glue that held that club together for many years. Bruce was lost to his family, rugby and Convocation just before the Spring meeting.

Alex Cohen was a past Chancellor of UWA and widely recognised as an outstanding clinician. He was particularly dedicated to supporting developing scientists and was a well-established donor and supporter of Convocation’s Post Graduate Research Travel Awards (PGRTA). Just a week before he passed, Alex attended our 2019 Awards Ceremony with his son Leon, there to present the Alex Cohen PGRTA, simply because it was so important to him. Just over a week later Convocation Councillors – Warden Doug McGhie, Immediate Past Warden Warren Kerr and Councillor Tony Tate were honoured to attend the farewell to Alex at his funeral. We understand that a memorial service is planned for Alex at UWA.

Vale Alex Cohen, Bruce Hartley, Astrid Boggs

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