Monday, 9 September 2019

Eight postgraduate students from Bristol University in the United Kingdom have spent 10 weeks working with UWA Albany researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the ecology unique to the Great Southern.

Students are completing a Master of Science degree majoring in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation and have chosen to do their research projects with the University of Western Australia, Albany as part of their studies.

“Albany is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots with unique species not found anywhere else. The opportunity to learn first-hand from UWA’s industry partners working in the field, gain new skills and draw on the knowledge of UWA’s research experts was an opportunity not to be missed,’ said Edie Guice.

The projects contributed to the valuable research being done by UWA Albany to gain a better understanding of the ecology and management of some of the region’s important animals, particularly at Two Peoples Bay.

“The exchange program between The University of Western Australia and Bristol University is a great opportunity for the students to experience an environment completely different to their own. An increasing number of international postgraduate students are recognising that Albany and surrounds, with its beautiful natural environment and good facilities is an excellent place to conduct research,” said UWA Lecturer Dr Barbara Cook.

Dr Paul Close, coordinator the postgraduate research program in Albany says “visiting students and academics provide great benefits to the conservation and management of the regions environment by providing a greater understanding of environmental issues and the regions plants an animals.

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