Monday, 1 April 2019

Following the 12th March 2019 deadline for receipt of voting papers, a ballot was conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission, in the presence of scrutineer.

Pursuant to section 71 of Statute No 9, and clause 20 of Statute No 12, the following candidates were officially declared elected at the 2019 Autumn Ordinary Meeting of Convocation.

Warden of Convocation Dr Doug McGhie 1-year term
Deputy Warden Clinical Professor Lesley Cala 1-year term
Council of Convocation Dr Agi Gedeon  3-year term
Ms Megan Lee 3-year term
Cr Julie Matheson   3-year term
Dr Elijah Nathan  3-year term
Ms Nee Nee Ong   3-year term
Mr Jonathan Strauss  3-year term
Winthrop Professor Marc Tennant  3-year term
Member of Senate Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr  AM  3-year term

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