Friday, 7 December 2018

Shuan Hern Lee has once again made the AMEB proud by winning the title in the Under 28 category at the International Piano Competition in Kerikeri, New Zealand. At only 16, he is the youngest performer to win this title, since the competition started in 1987.

Of the 69 entrants, only 15 candidates were selected to compete at Kerikeri.

After Round 1 and 2, only 4 out of the 15 competitors progressed to the final round. The three adjudicators, who were from the USA, Australia and South Korea, were unanimous in their decision to select Shuan Hern as the first prize winner.

Shuan Hern also met Sir Michael Hill, the renowned jewellery-maker, and learnt that he had formerly been a violinist.  He decided to forgo a musical career as he believed that he had not started young enough to become a first class musician.  He turned to jewellery-making instead. He has invited Shuan Hern to perform at a concert in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2019 and will donate the proceeds to assist him in his musical journey.  He has also offered to make Shuan Hern a diamond brooch!

Shuan Hern will be performing Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue with the WA Symphony Orchestra on 8th and 9th February 2019 at the Perth Concert Hall.


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