Thursday, 6 December 2018

With the numbers of Justices of the Peace (JPs) being commissioned in Western Australia dwindling, UWA graduates are urged to broaden their community service and volunteering experience by becoming a JP.

UWA graduate Malcolm Collier JP – who is Registrar of the Royal Association of Justices of Western Australia – said that, since January 2018, there had only been 55 JPs commissioned in WA.

“This barely covers the loss of JPs caused by change of personal circumstances, age and infirmity,” Mr Collier said.

“This presents a major problem for the people of WA, as we are not replacing resignations, let alone retirements and deaths.

“JPs are essential to the justice system and the community in WA. If this downward trend continues, in a few years, Western Australians will find it much harder to find a JP for witnessing or certifying documents, and performing their many other essential voluntary functions.”

Warden of Convocation, Dr Doug McGhie, said that UWA has a very strong volunteering ethos from the moment students arrive on campus, and this spirit of giving back to the community continues after they graduate.

“As a JP you will provide a valuable and important service to the administration of justice in your community. I encourage members of Convocation, especially Club members, to consider the experience that comes with performing this voluntary community service,” Dr McGhie said.

An applicant must be: Australian citizen with a minimum of 12 months’ residence in WA; enrolled on the State electoral roll; of good character and reputation, including (preferably) a record of community service; demonstrate a willingness and capacity to fulfil all the duties of a JP when called upon; not insolvent under administration; and over 18 and under 65 years of age.

Further information can be found on the WA Department of Justice website .


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