Thursday, 6 December 2018

Convocation’s subscribing members have, for many years, had access to the benefit of discounted Library Membership. Access to the Library print collections and online resources was a valuable benefit to Convocation’s members who supported Convocation through the subscription.

The money raised by subscriptions help fund faculty prizes, postgraduate research travel awards, cultural and sporting awards, and maintains Convocation’s activities on campus. Your subscription also supports the development of services for graduates.

Our recent focus is upon facilitating and encouraging an active graduate community and this includes the development of our new web site.

Your subscription enables us to maintain and enhance these activities and services and to develop new opportunities for the graduate community.

As foreshadowed at the recent Spring Ordinary Meeting, Convocation has been working with the University Library to expand the benefit of ongoing Library membership to all graduates of The University of Western Australia.

From 2019 Library Membership will be free for all University graduates. This will include the ability to borrow books from the Library’s collections as well as access to an expanded array of online resources.

You will no longer be required to become a subscribing member of Convocation to access a discounted Library Membership.

If you wish to continue to contribute to, and support Convocation’s activities, we thank you.

All contributions over $2.00 are tax deductible.

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