Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Please share your computer hardware and printing requirements for next year by completing this survey .

University IT will use this anonymous information to determine the most appropriate selection of standard computer devices to be provided in 2019.

The roll-out of new devices next year is part of the End User Compute (EUC) Program , which standardises computer equipment across the University and ensures all IT purchases are strategically aligned to IT equipment staff need to perform their job.

The program ensures:

  • Every staff member has a fit for purpose primary use computer/device

  • Delivery of effective and efficient support across all hardware

  • Reduced staff downtime due to aging and unsupported hardware

  • Decreased risk of cyber security breaches and data loss prevention

As part of the program, all purchases of new IT equipment must be approved by your IT Service Delivery team and made through approved suppliers. If you wish to purchase new IT equipment, contact your IT Service Delivery team .

More information on purchasing of IT equipment and End User Compute can be found here .


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