Friday, 10 November 2017

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have received $14.75 million in funding for 26 projects through the Federal Government’s Australian Research Council. UWA received $9.6 million for 25 Discovery Projects, $2.9 million for eight Early Career Researcher Awards and $2.2 million for three Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities.

Discovery Projects

Neurodevelopmental disorders and loneliness: School predictors & outcomes, $425,150.00
Prof Stephen Houghton; Prof John Hattie; Prof Annemaree Carroll; Dr John Wray; Dr Simon Hunter

Polarisation vision: insights from biological systems for imaging solutions, $394,402.00
Dr Jan Hemmi; Prof Julian Partridge; Dr Martin How

Seagrass adaptation and acclimation responses to extreme climatic events, $525,413.00
Prof Gary Kendrick; Dr Martin Breed; Prof Siegfried Krauss; Dr John Stephen

Navigating tipping points in complex dynamical systems, $461,218.00
Prof Michael Small; Dr Willem Lesterhuis; Dr Anthony Bosco; Dr Ayham Zaitouny

Water and the Making of Urban Australia: a history since 1900, $379,748.00
A/Prof Andrea Gaynor; A/Prof Lionel Frost; Em/Prof Jenny Gregory; Dr Ruth Morgan; Prof Martin Shanahan; Em/Prof Peter Spearritt

A 21st century laboratory testing device for geotechnical engineering, $280,724.00
Prof Barry Lehane; Dr James Doherty; Dr Samuel Stanier; Prof David White

Genetic selection of artificial polyketides, $530,496.00
A/Prof Oliver Rackham; A/Prof Aleksandra Filipovska

Quantifying and parameterising ocean mixing, $387,152.00
Dr Nicole Jones; Prof Gregory Ivey; Dr Cynthia Bluteau; Dr Matthew Rayson; Dr Amy Waterhouse

Transformation Dual Phase Synergy for Unprecedented Superelasticity, $453,270.00
Prof Yinong Liu; Dr Zhe Liu; Prof Yunzhi Wang; Prof Shijie Hao

Bio-inspired design to overcome strength-toughness trade-off of composites, $408,011.00
Prof Hong Yang; Prof Cheng Yan; Dr Junsong Zhang; Prof Lishan Cui; Dr Yang Ren

University curriculum reforms: An international comparative study, $188,418.00
Prof Thomas O'Donoghue; Prof Lesley Vidovich

Gendering the Italian Wars, 1494–1559, $532,675.00
Prof Susan Broomhall; A/Prof Carolyn James; Dr Lisa Mansfield

Resolving the steps in the evolution of C4 photosynthesis, $539,900.00
Dr Martha Ludwig; Prof Dr Andreas Weber

Ecology of fine root endophytes in native and agricultural ecosystems, $313,332.00
A/Prof Megan Ryan; Dr Rachel Standish; Prof Ian Dickie; Prof Gary Bending

The Art of Station Time in Australia: Pastoralism and Australian Art, $133,493.00
Dr Darren Jorgensen

Improving the Security of Anchoring Systems under Extreme Cyclones, $359,400.00
Dr Yinghui Tian; Prof Christophe Gaudin; Prof Lizhong Wang

LGTBQ Representation in Australian Film and TV: Culture, Pedagogy, Health, $120,763.00
A/Prof Rob Cover

Establishing Nanoscale Design Principles for Non-viral Genome Engineering, $604,543.00
Prof Killugudi Swaminatha-Iyer; Dr Archa Fox; Dr Nicole Smith; Dr Megan O'Mara; Prof Laurence Hurley; Dr Jean-Louis Mergny; Prof Dr Igor Luzinov; A/Prof Martin Saunders; A/Prof Peta Clode;

Low-Temperature Plasma-Catalytic Conversion of CH4 and CO2 to Alcohols, $438,211.00
Prof Dongke Zhang; Dr Mingming Zhu

Locating loss from climate change in everyday places, $353,050.00
Prof Petra Tschakert; Prof Paul Plummer; Prof Carmen Lawrence; Prof Pierre Horwitz; Dr Chantal Bourgault du Coudray

The influence of the dark-matter halo on galaxy evolution, $390,877.00
Prof Simon Driver; Dr Luke Davies; Prof Jochen Liske; Prof Konrad Kuijken

A new tool for comprehensive label-free micro-imaging of cancer in situ, $423,052.00
Prof David Sampson

Ionic Liquids for Scalable Production of Monolayer 2D Materials, $238,048.00
Prof Rob Atkin; Prof Gregory Warr; Dr Rico Tabor; Prof Agilio Padua

Development of 3D printing conductive concrete for EMP shielding, $382,834.00
Prof Guowei Ma; Dr Farhad Aslani

Defining factors that influence protein turnover in plants, $368,400.00
Prof Andrew Millar

Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards

Examining lipid transport by direct visualisation and quantification, $365,058.00
Dr Haibo Jiang

A World Without Time: Timelessness in Physics and Metaphysics, $336,905.00
Dr Samuel Baron

Deep histories of occupational continuity and change in the coastal Pilbara, $389,254.00
Dr Ingrid Ward

Tolerance of coralline algae to climate change in variable environments, $365,058.00
Dr Christopher Cornwall

Advancing Gender Equality Through Aid: Realising Women's Empowerment, $365,103.00
Dr Kelly Gerard

Structure-based investigations into new modes of action for herbicides, $365,058.00
Dr Joel Haywood

Using improved markets to reduce over-extraction of groundwater, $357,996.00
Dr Md Sayed Iftekhar

Aquifers as climate logs: Untangling replenishment mechanisms, $364,200.00
Dr James McCallum

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment & Facilities

Australian dark matter detector for high mass axions, $621,834
Prof Michael Tobar; Dr Maxim Goryachev; Prof Eugene Ivanov; Dr Arkady Fedorov; Prof Warwick Bowen; Prof Michael Drinkwater; Dr Thomas Volz; A/Prof Gavin Brennen; Prof Jason Twamley; Dr Paul Altin; Prof Andrew Doherty

High-frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging for WA, $621,198
Prof David Sampson; Dr Raelene Endersby; Dr Shelley Gorman; Prof David Hunt; Prof Terrance Johns; Prof Ralph Martins; A/Prof Jennifer Rodger; Dr Deborah Strickland; Prof Killugudi Swaminatha-Iyer; Dr Caitlin Wyrwoll; Prof Mel Ziman

Cutting-edge electron probe microanalysis driving WA’s resource geosciences, $966,283
Prof David Sampson; Dr Stephen Barnes; A/Prof Marco Fiorentini; Prof Ian Fitzsimons; Dr Simon Johnson; Dr Anthony Kemp; A/Prof Matthew Kilburn; Dr Mariusz Martyniuk; Prof Andrew Putnis; Prof Steven Reddy; Dr Robert Smithies; Dr Yulia Uvarova

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