Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Once again, Shuan Hern Lee has achieved remarkable success, this time at the Schumann International Piano Competition in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The competition had three categories – A, for competitors aged 13 and under; B - Aged 14 to 17 and C - Aged 18 to 20.

Shuan Hern took part in the B category where he won first prize and was commended on performing the best Interpretation of Schumann’s work in the entire competition.  He was also the youngest performer in this category and took away the total prize money of 6000 Euros.

The B category, with a panel of seven international adjudicators, had 20 pianists selected to perform in the first round.  Each performed a 15-minute solo program that had to include some of Schumann's work.  Candidates were then eliminated until just six remained.  In the final round, each candidate had to perform a 20-minute solo program, with the requirement that the majority of the program be comprised of Schumann's work.

The competitions were held in two magnificent venues - the Partika Saal Concert auditorium for the elimination rounds and the majestic Robert Schumann Saal, Museum Kunst Palast for the Winners’ Concert.

Shuan Hern commented, “I was really surprised at the results as it was really tough with most of the 16 and 17 year old pianists performing really well and in a very mature manner.  There were top pianists in the B category, with competitors coming from many countries including China, Russia, Italy, Japan and Germany.”

The adjudicators invited Shuan Hern to perform a full solo recital in Dusseldorf in October and to perform and take part in a masterclass in Italy.


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