Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The University of Western Australia has received $17.8 million for 42 new research projects as part of the Australian Research Council’s major grants announcement.

Projects include producing an Indigenous Australian Dictionary of Biography, research into variation and change in metropolitan Aboriginal English, using deep-sea coral skeletons to predict global warming patterns, testing whether resilience to bad events can be influenced by modifying information processing factors and a project to progress single-cell based biology research are among

A total of 989 projects worth more than $416 million around the country received funding with UWA awarded $11.26 million for 28 ARC Discovery Projects, $2.16 million for six Early Career Researchers, $732,704 for one Discovery Indigenous project, $2.1 million for three Future Fellowships and $1.55 million for four Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grants.

Discovery Projects include a $351,000 grant to Professor Ryan Lister, Future Fellow at UWA’s ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, and his team to access single-cell analysis techniques, integrated with other analysis methods, microscopy and pre-clinical imaging.

The characterisation of rare and complex biological samples is expected to advance effective, socio-economically important research programs in cell and molecular biology, sports science, plant and crop sciences, agriculture, clean energy (biofuels) resources and production, greenhouse gas reduction, environmental microbiology and marine science.

Professor Colin MacLeod, from UWA’s School of Psychology, and his team will use a $351,000 Discovery Project grant to test whether resilience to bad events can be influenced by modifying information processing factors. The findings are expected to directly contribute to national efforts to build healthy and resilient communities.

Dr Celeste Rodriguez Louro, a linguistics lecturer in UWA’s School of Social Sciences, was awarded a $350,000 Discovery Early Career Researcher grant to document patterns of variation and change in metropolitan Aboriginal English.

The project aims to inform cross-cultural teaching programs in Australia, helping teachers and curriculum developers to design materials and empower Indigenous Australians by documenting changes to aboriginal English.

Dr Shino Konishi, a senior lecturer in history from UWA’s School of Humanities and School of Indigenous Studies, was the recipient of UWA’s Discovery Indigenous grant of $732,704. Dr Konishi and her team will work with Indigenous communities to produce the Indigenous Australian Dictionary of Biography.

The project aims to foster reconciliation, national knowledge and pride in the ancient and modern contribution of Indigenous Australians to the nation, and encourage Indigenous participation at all levels of research and production.

Dr Julie Trotter, a senior research fellow in UWA’s School of Earth and Environment, was awarded a Future Fellowship grant of $776,000 to predict the ocean carbon dioxide sink’s long-term capacity and future trajectories of global warming and increasing carbon dioxide.

The project will use skeletons of deep-sea corals in the Perth Canyon, Tasman seas, and Antarctica, in the heart of the ocean-climate system, to reveal continuous long-term records of environmental change for our recent past.

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