Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dear colleagues

The UWA Research Awards and Honours 2016 recipients were announced at a ceremony during UWA Research Week. The quality of applications received confirms the high calibre of our researchers and I would like to congratulate the winners.

The successful Award Recipients for each category are:

Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Investigators Award

  • Dr Samuel Baron
  • Dr Ozren Bogdanovic
  • Dr Zhijun Chen
  • Dr Hayley Christian
  • Dr Barry Doyle
  • Asst/Professor Amir Karton
  • Dr Celeste Rodriguez Louro
  • Dr Luke Morgan
  • Assoc/Professor Natalie Skead

Vice-Chancellor's Mid-Career Research Award

  • Professor Susan Broomhall
  • Professor Mark Edele
  • Professor Alistair Forrest
  • Dr Peter Noble
  • Professor Elena Pasternak
  • Professor Chris Power
  • Assoc/Professor Lisa Wood
  • Assoc/Professor Gillian Yeo

Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Award

  • Professor Mark Beeson
  • Professor Jason Beringer
  • Professor Simon Driver
  • Professor Stephen Houghton
  • Professor Michael Small
  • Professor Mike Tobar
  • Professor Ming-Hao Zheng

Vice-Chancellor's Research Mentorship Award

  • Professor Mohammed Bennamoun

Vice-Chancellor's Impact and Innovation Award

  • Professor Cristina Gibson
  • CRC Polymer team (Professor Daniel Murphy, Asst/Prof Matthias Leopold, Gavan McGrath, Jeremy Bougoure, Falko Mathes)

3Rs Animal Ethics Award - Replacement, Refinement and Reduction

  • Professor George Yeoh

Start Something Prize for Research Impact Through Enterprise

  • Dr Syed Afaq Ali Shah

Start Something CSIRO Commercialisation Award

  • Dr Josephine Muir


Robyn Owens

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)


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