Wednesday, 3 February 2010

One of our most promising young researchers, Jacinta Delhaize , won the 2008 Science Student of the Year for her work promoting science to the community.

And she’s continuing her commitment to science education by taking part in the remote and regional Travelling Scientist program, which is part of UWA's SPICE science enrichment program .

Travelling Scientist commenced with tours to four Pilbara schools in December, and is scheduled to visit Albany, Kalgoorlie and Geraldton in 2010.

Jacinta is volunteering her time to the program in between working on her PhD in astronomy/astrophysics.

Her ability to find the time to help out is even more remarkable considering she’s spending part of the year at UWA working with the Premier's Fellow in Radio Astronomy, Professor Lister Staveley-Smith , and part of the year under the supervision of Professor Steve Rawlings , the Head of Astrophysics at Oxford University.

Jacinta is a shining example of the impact that scholarships and fellowships can make on shaping an individual's career, and the resulting benefits that can flow back to the community.


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