Houghton Prize

Indigenous prizewinner in Education

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Clair Halls graduated in March this year but was recognised recently at the Faculty of Education 2014 Prize giving ceremony. Originally from New South Wales, Clair transferred her studies to UWA from the University of Sydney, enrolling in the combined Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Education.  

Clair excelled in her Arts majors in English and the Classics. However the Bertha Houghton Prize was awarded to Clair as the student who achieved the highest academic results overall in the Bachelor of Education component of a combined course.  

Professor Pat Dudgeon

Summit to address unacceptably high rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide

Friday, 20 June 2014

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are dying at twice the rate of other Australians from suicide, and among younger age groups the rate can be six times higher. In some communities, suicide clusters involving up to 20-plus deaths in a short time-frame take a terrible toll not only in terms of wasted lives, but also devastate communities and those left behind. Professor Pat Dudgeon, from The University of Western Australian's School of Indigenous Studies and a summit convenor said: "It's time that this terrible ‘gap' is closed, once and for all."

Aurora Milroy, Sarah Dunne and Angela Crombie

Indigenous Law students win prizes

Friday, 16 May 2014

Four Indigenous students received awards at the recent Faculty of Law Awards Ceremony at the University Club.  

Aurora Milroy was awarded the Faculty of Law prize in Advanced Evidence and Proof, Angela Crombie and Kelsi Forrest shared the Dr Dorothy and Dr Robert Collin Prizes for the Indigenous students obtaining the highest academic achievement in Law while Sarah Dunne received the Ashurst Prize for the Advanced Diploma in Indigenous Legal Studies.  

Marnda at UWA

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Last week, WASAC (Western Australian Student Aboriginal Corporation) celebrated MARNDA on campus. This was a four day program commencing with a Welcome, food and cultural activities such as didgeridoo playing and basket weaving on Oak Lawn. During the week there were other activities such as a film screening of Utopia and Indigenous round interfaculty sport where Sharrod Wellingham, an Indigenous player from the Eagles came and spoke to the students.